NLL/OurGV Definitions

NLL/OurGV Definitions
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What is Group Volume?

Group Volume (Actual): This is calculated when Profit-Sharing Checks are run. This is the volume that is used to qualify for additional shares in the Profit-Sharing System, as well as to re-qualify for website status each month.

What is Direct Volume?

Direct Volume: The total of all your personal volume, AND the personal volume of any personally referred websites.

What is Shopping Volume?

Shopping Volume: All BV generated EXCEPT website sales/upgrades, business tools/services, & hosting.

What is Business Volume (BV)?

Business Volume (BV): This is the actual dollar amount that any rebates, bonuses, or profit sharing bonuses will be paid on. Depending on the store or product, this amount will vary dramatically.

What is Personal Sales Volume (PSV)?

BV generated by personal shopping, the personal shopping of any personally referred free customers, or preferred customers, and personally signing up websites, hosting, business tools/services, personally referred website upgrades. Special Note: In the Website Center PV is only there to be able to v...