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Questions about using the OurGV shopping mall
14 articles

Shopping Compensation Plan

What happens is really quite amazing, OurGV.com negotiates deals with stores, merchants, etc. We will call these deals our "Partnerships". Every "Partnership" has its own % that is agreed to be paid to OurGV.com whenever our purchases are made thru the OurGV Shopping Mall.Let's say we have an agreem...

If I forget to go through my OurGV website and shop directly from a merchant website, can I still send in my receipts for credit?

Unforunately, OurGV and our Partner Merchants can not track any purchase that are not made through the OurGV portal. Therefore, we can not credit BV for any receipts for shopping done directly at a merchant website.

I am shopping from a store on my OurGV.com mall and they have a redirect link to another merchant that is also in the OurGV Shopping Mall. If I click that redirect link, will I still get credit for my purchases?

OurGV cannot give credit for shopping done through any merchant other than the specific merchant partners listed in the OurGV Mall. Shoppers must enter each merchant directly through their personal OurGV shopping mall. Some sites do have redirect links to other merchants that are also on the OurGV...

If I shop from any OurGV.com site, instead of my personal OurGV.com/mysitename, will I still get credit for receipts I send into [email protected]?

Shopping through your personal OurGV website is essential. Everyday, more and more stores are transitioning over to the automatic tracking system where all shopping credit is automatically applied to the website owner. If you shop through an OurGV website, other than your own, and make a purchase ...

Where do I send my receipts for credit? Is there any additional information I need to include along with my receipts?

If the pop up appears for you to forward in your shopping receipts, send all receipts to [email protected]. To insure timely and accurate credit for your purchases, we must have the following information included with your receipt: Your Name and OurGV ID#, Merchant Name, Order#, and Order Total BEFO...

How do I know if I need to forward in my email receipt for my purchases to receive credit?

When you click on a merchant and the following message appears on the top of the page ------------ NOTICE ------------ In order to earn your Cash Rebate from the OurGV.com Online Shopping Mall, forward your purchase receipt e-mail to [email protected] AND remember to include your Mall ID Numb...

If I have my own online merchant, can I have it added to the OurGV.com shopping mall?

Currently, only merchants that already have an affiliate program set up that will track orders and commssions, are accepted. If the individual merchant does not have an affiliate tracking system in place, we are unable to add them to the OurGV.com mall, at this time.

Why Is A Particular Merchant No Longer In The Mall?

As we have over 1000 Merchant in the OurGV Mall, as well as partnerships with various service based companies, there will be times when either that merchant or OurGV goes in a different direction regarding future goals/plans (no longer offering an affiliate program, for example). Every month, we wi...

When will I see credit from my shopping through my OurGV shopping mall?

As long as your completed purchase was made though your OurGV Shopping Mall, you will see credit within your back office within 7-14 business days, as it is not instant. Once we receive notification from the merchant of the completed purchase, we will manually credit your account. We thank you for...

How do I get credit when shopping through Swagbucks?

Swagbucks earnings are calculated differently than if you were purchasing an item directly through a merchant on the OurGV Shopping Mall. When shopping through Swagbucks, log into your account to see your credit from those purchases made through Swagbucks. Regarding payment from Swagbucks d...

When will shopping rebates be paid out?

There is a 2-3 month delay in shopping commissions to be paid out once the minimum $10 payout has been reached. The delay is mainly due to the various merchants on the OurGV mall paying out earnings on a quarterly basis.

Where can I view my shopping purchases that have been credited to me?

Once you are logged into your website center, please do the following: Under the Reporting Tab, click Order History. There, you will be able to view all of your orders and by clicking the View Tab, under Invoice, you will see further details.

Do we have an App for people to shop through?

We do not have an app for them to shop through, however, they can save their mall to their home screen on their phone. An app is in our future!

Will I get an email notification of my shopping when I make a purchase through Swagbucks?

When an OurGV customer/member shop through Swagbucks, you will not receive any email shopping confirmations coming from OurGV. You will only receive an email confirmation when someone shops directly through a store on the OurGV Shopping mall, and not through Swagbucks. Once an OurGV customer/member ...